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During this study, the patient is in the supine position or on one of the sides. After providing aseptic conditions and local anesthesia, a small incision of the anterior abdominal wall is made. Endoscopic instruments are inserted into the uterine cavity through this incision under ultrasound control or under palpation control. With their help, it is possible to visualize the parts of the fetal body that are accessible to the view from the side of the endoscope introduction.

In other words, only chest, head and extremities viagra pillss are allowed for pregnant women.

In addition, in this study, it is possible to puncture the umbilical vein for the purpose of taking fetal blood, as well as taking fetal tissue for histological examination. Despite the high information content of the method, it is used quite rarely due to the risks of initiating premature birth or the development of infectious complications.

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However, it should be noted that due to the significant harm that ionizing radiation has on a growing fetus, this study is allowed for use only if it does not fall into the field of operation of the apparatus.


Viagra Pills this study, the pregnant woman is lying on the table of the apparatus. The table, in turn, is located in the center of the tunnel, the contour of which forms the body of the apparatus. The principle of the study is based on the fact that electrons of hydrogen atoms, being in a magnetic field, emit photons of previously known wavelengths when they go from distant energy levels to near ones.

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Numerous sensors located in the contour of the apparatus record this radiation, summarize the received data and create a three-dimensional reconstruction of the investigated area of ​​the body. Magnetic resonance imaging is not an viagra pills examination method, therefore, it is absolutely safe to prescribe it to pregnant women. Contraindications include only the weight of the pregnant woman over 120 kg, as well as the presence of metal objects in the body (teeth, knitting needles, prostheses, bullets, etc.).

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During this study, the patient is in the supine position if access to the abdominal organs is required, or lying on the side if access to the retroperitoneal organs is required. After creating aseptic conditions and conducting local anesthesia, 2 - 3 small incisions are made in the anterior abdominal wall, through which endoscopic devices are inserted.

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With the help of viagra diagnostic method, it is possible to personally see the state of the abdominal organs and that part of the pelvic organs that is covered by the peritoneum. In addition, with the use of some additional endoscopic instruments, it becomes possible to perform a number of operations without fully opening the abdominal cavity.

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Despite the high information content of the method, its use during pregnancy is often limited due to the risks of infectious complications. Nevertheless, in some cases, diagnostic laparoscopy is almost the only method to identify the cause of the disease and to eliminate it in the best possible way.

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